Club Photographs of kayaking and canoeing trips and events

To view the image in its largest form, right click on it and select view. Alternatively, click on the image to see an enlarged version. This is a small selection of the photographs we have of the trips and activities the canoe club has undertaken since the club was started in 1965. Feel free to provide any additional photos of our activities you would like us to add to the gallery.

Oct 2019

kayaking: 27-10-19-river-don_48968507538_o.jpg kayaking: 20-10-19.jpg kayaking: 27-10-19.jpg kayaking: 27-10-19-river-don_48968507698_o.jpg kayaking: 27-10-19-river-don_48968507063_o.jpg

Feb 2022

kayaking: 2-1-22b.JPG

January 2020

kayaking: 2020 new year.jpg


kayaking: fsrt 6-10-19.jpg kayaking: fsrt 15-9-19.jpg

April 2019

Slalom 2019

kayaking: APR2019Slalom.jpg

June 2019

kayaking: 3-6-19 guides.jpg kayaking: 2019 gala.jpg kayaking: 24-6-19 beavers.jpg

Oct 2022

Illuminated paddle to mark the shortening of the days, and the end of Wednesday evening paddling.

kayaking: DSCN0518.JPG kayaking: DSCN0516.JPG kayaking: DSCN0519.JPG kayaking: DSCN0520.JPG kayaking: DSCN0517.JPG

July 2019

kayaking: dscn0302_48745261842_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0303_48744746963_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0305_48744745583_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0297_48745087176_o.jpg kayaking: 6-7-19 football team.jpg kayaking: dscn0304_48745260447_o.jpg


kayaking: Niagara1.jpg

Dec 2019

kayaking: 8-12-19.jpg

Feb 2019

kayaking: 24-2-19.jpg

January 2019

kayaking: 27-1-19.jpg kayaking: 1-12-19.jpg kayaking: 1-1-19+.jpg kayaking: 13-1-19.jpg kayaking: 1-1-19.jpg

March 2022 FSRT

kayaking: DSCN0574.JPG kayaking: DSCN0575.JPG kayaking: DSCN0576.JPG kayaking: DSCN0579.JPG kayaking: sportsground.JPG

March 2022

kayaking: dscn0285_48745040976_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0288_48745038786_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0275_48745048751_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0286_48744704483_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0274_48745226907_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0290_48744701128_o.jpg kayaking: dscn0279_48745223077_o.jpg

June 2022

kayaking: IMG_5772.JPG kayaking: IMG_5759.JPG kayaking: NEWIMG_5765.jpg kayaking: RemoteMediaFile_6553842_0_2022_03_06_10_36_16.JPG kayaking: IMG_5757.JPG kayaking: RemoteMediaFile_6553843_0_2022_03_06_10_39_12.JPG